Sticks and Stones is an animated story about a boy exploring his world, mediated by technology and social media. Are we a part of nature, or outside it? Is it "human nature" to be cruel? Through empathy, we learn everything is connected.

Director’s Statement:

In real life and online, kids are bullied. Innocent animals are also mistreated "for fun", or by those too young to know better. This film examines how technology and social media affect the way kids interact with each other and the world around them. 

This film is intended for all audiences, but particularly geared towards children. It can be used as an educational tool, as the themes of peer pressure, online responsibility, "nature deficiency disorder", and environmentalism are topical and pressing social issues.

Screenings and awards (click links for details)

Cine de las Yungas International Film Festival, Tafí Viejo, Tucuman, Argentina - Nov 12-14, 2016 WINNER - Best Short Film

Siciliambiente Film Festival, San Vito Lo Capo, Italy - July 14-19, 2015 WINNER - Best Animation

Japan Prize for Educational Media, Tokyo - Oct 15-21, 2014 UNICEF Award Finalist

Green Image Film Festival, Tokyo - Mar 23-25, 2016, WINNER - Green Image Award

Planet In Focus, Toronto - Nov. 6-9, 2014

Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto - Nov. 19-22, 2014

Wild and Scenic Film Festival "Student Sessions", Nevada City CA, USA - Jan. 13-14, 2015

Reelkids Film Festival, Peterborough, ON - Jan. 12-15, 2015

LIAF Kid's Club screenings, London UK - Feb. 2-7th, 2015

Animac, Lleida, Spain - Feb. 19-22, 2015

Byron Bay Int'l Film Festival, Australia - Mar. 6-15, 2015

IndieLisboa, Lisbon, Portugal - April 23 May 3, 2015

Future Film Fest, Bologna, Italy - May 5-10, 2015

Human Rights Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina - June 17-24, 2015

Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, Canada - Sept 17-24, 2015

Andorra Kids' Film Festival, Spain - Sept. 28-Aug. 4, 2015

Anibar, Peja, Kosovo - Aug. 20-26th, 2015

Wiz-Art MultExplosion, Lviv, Ukraine - Oct 8, 2015

Klik Animation Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Oct 27-Nov 1, 2015

Hsin-Ye Children's Animation Awards - Taiwan - Oct 31, 2015

Cucalorus Film Festival, Wilmington, NC USA - Nov. 11-15, 2015

Filmets Film Festival, Badalona, Spain - Nov. 20-29th, 2015

Animateka, Ljubljana, Slovenia - Dec. 7-13, 2015

Skepto, Caligliari, Italy - April 13-16, 2016

Play Kid's Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal - Feb. 13-21, 2016

Ecozine, Zaragoza, Spain - May 3-21, 2016

KIKI Int'l Children's Film Festival, Zabok, Croatia - April 25-28, 206

Int'l Film Festival for Human Rights, Asuncion, Paraguay - Nov. 14-19, 2016

Story, Direction, Animation: Isaac King

Music/Sound: David Kamp

Produced by: Head Gear Animation

Produced with the support of: Ontario Arts Council, an Ontario Government Agency

Sticks and Stones © Isaac King 2014